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Imagine the possibilities - Before and After Pool Photos

Enjoy this gallery of before and after pool photos, showing pool remodeling and pool renovation pictures of a few of our clients.   We have hundreds of jobs and thousands of photos; I chose these before and after pool photos to show the range of our pool remodeling and pool renovation projects. 


Before                                                                                                              After







Updating and Deepening a spa to improve enjoyment for a tall client!












What a great job, new beach entry, new spa, new sunning shelf, this job has it all! 











Second View of the same job, from swamp to Oasis!











Beautiful update with deck jets to add height and sound.  New pool finish looks great and the deck is bold!  Great use of art on the table. 










YIKES!  This is what some remodelers call professional work.  We fixed the plumbing and some issues in the pool (the pool had been remodeled poorly less than 2 years before!) 

You can understand why the Client had us fix it!  Our Plumbing is Awesome! 







Wow Fire is Cool!  From a nothing corner of the deck to a totally awesome fire feature!

Fire adds height, enjoyment, and nighttime beauty to a project, a great call by this client!










From Ho Hum to Hubba Hubba!  We made this pool and spa shine and match the awesome remodel the whole back yard was getting. 

Great use of glass tile to match the elegance of  Natural Stone decking. 

Check out the off the deck raised planters, nice choice by the client! 















This client added 4 deck jets for height and sound and turned the drab pool into a Fab pool! 

Check out the use of a 45 degree offset on the deck pavers, nice touch! 

Notice the balance of the deck jets, thats great hydraulics! 


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