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Why Use Professional Pool Service

Why use a Professional Pool Service Company

Almost every day at Bay Area Pool Service, we get a call from someone who is doing their own pool service and gotten into a jam.  They have either messed up their pool equipment or their pool chemistry or haven’t been properly cleaning the pool and they need help.  

While we are happy to help, my advice to you is to call in a professional before your pool gets in trouble.  In that way you can be enjoying your pool investment versus getting frustrated by it. 

Our website has a great video on this topic on our Why Choose Us page.  

Here are my top reasons to choose a professional pool service company like Bay Area Pool Service:

·         Safety- The biggest factor in choosing pool professionals in my opinion, we work with your pressure equipment, we balance your swimming pool water, we know the laws and rules, and we handle the chemicals- your family stays safe.

·         Reliability- Choose a company that has stood the test of time and has the industry’s highest credentials, is licensed and properly insured.  Like Bay Area Pool Service in business since 1952!

·         Professionalism- A professional Pool Service Company should have all the proper licenses, should have uniformed, highly trained and background checked employees, and marked company vehicles.

·         Trustworthiness- We have in field supervisors, Fleet GPS and same day service, so you don’t every have to wonder if your service is being performed -we know.

·         Easy to Work With- No Contracts, no strings, no hassles- that’s our way.  We are a service company you keep us as long as you are happy with us- we have real people answering your calls.  Beware voicemail and answering service companies. 

·         Save You Money- Our goal is to keep your pool swim safe and beautiful with the least amount of chemistry so you are happy, refer your friends and we make money. Our goals and your goals are the same.  Pool stores make their money by selling pool chemicals- pool stores’ goals are to get you to use more chemicals and push needless chemicals like algaecides which require more chlorine use- thus more money, be careful. 

·         Save You Time- In my opinion our second most valuable service behind safety is freeing up your time to do those things you love and to spend more time with the family.  Don’t run to the store, don’t spend time cleaning the pool, call us and make pool time enjoyment time.  “We Do All The Work, You Have All The Fun” TM.

Today’s real life example:  We had a potential client call this morning asking us for help.  He let us know that he had done the annual maintenance on his DE filter himself.  After cleaning the filter out, he put it back together and went to the store.  When he returned the top half of his filter was blown off, his soffit damaged and his pool was down over 2 feet with water pouring out of his filter.  He had not reapplied the filter band clamp correctly nor had he drained the air pressure from the filter designed to handle water pressure. 

Luckily no one was hurt by the filter blowing apart or electrocuted with water all over the equipment, and of course we were able to schedule a mechanic out to fix this issue for the new client.  Please be safe and make the choice to hire a pool professional for all the reasons I listed, but mostly for safety and saving you time. 

Call Bay Area Pool Service if you have any questions about your pool, our company, or this blog, thanks.


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