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What We Believe In

Memorial Day is the day we set aside to honor the men and women who have given their all while in the service to our country.  I think it’s also a time to reflect on what we believe in as a people, as a country.  My high school civics teacher stumped our class with a simple question when we were young.  He asked us over the weekend to ponder the question, “What is the first thing you see when you look in the mirror every morning”? He gave us no clues.  We went home and upon returning to class the next week he asked each of us the same question.  I don’t remember all the answers but they ranged from a girl to a boy, from a white person to a black person, from a son to a daughter, from eyes or nose or any other facial feature that self conscious children focused on. 

When he had gotten through the class he stated flatly that we were all wrong.  This took us back because how could he know what we saw first? 

“What you should see when you look in the mirror every morning before you see anything else is a Citizen of the United States of America.” He continued, “If regardless of all our other issues - a US citizen is the first thing you see before race or color or sex or any individual malady or handicap or socioeconomic condition, then we will be the strongest country in the world.”  I can say there has been no stronger, poignant lesson in my school life than this one.

I think this is a lesson we should take to heart as we are constantly bombarded to put people in classes, to divide us by wealth or race or place of birth or red state and blue state.  This Memorial Day we will remember those who died for this country, many of whom I am sure thought of themselves first as Americans when they looked into the mirror.  I hope we can strive to emulate them as we head into an uncertain future.  I believe it will make us a stronger Nation.

In thinking of that lesson above, I can’t help but think about our Company- Bay Area Pool Service and what it is we believe.  Our pledge, our creed, the reason we go to work, is to live out our motto for you and your pool “We Do All The Work, You Have All The Fun.”  As CEO I promise to make sure that we are living up to our promise every day. 

I hope you all have a safe and fun holiday in and around your pool.  If there is anything we can do better or to improve your pool service please do not hesitate to call us.  If you are in need of pool service in West Florida please give us a call we would be honored to service your pool. 

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