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Two Important Milestones

I am writing this blog today about two employees that have recent milestones to celebrate.  First is Todd Kaeser, our lead Mechanic reached his 25th anniversary with the company on March 4, 2013.  You can see Todd’s photo on the home page of this site, he is in the red Mechanics shirt holding the pool motor.  Todd becomes the 6th employee at Bay Area Pool Service to reach his 25th Anniversary, a feat which makes us all proud.  I can’t say enough about the leadership, training, excellence and experience that Todd and the rest of our quarter century club bring to our business.  Equally as impressive is that Todd is not the senior Mechanic- that honor goes to Rick Aldrich who has been here over 30 years. 

Between just 2 mechanics that’s over 55 years of pool experience in our repair department!  We have literally seen it all and done it all.  We are so fortunate to have great employees like Todd on our team, congratulations Todd we are so proud of you! 

The second employee I would like to mention is Justin Peterson.  Justin won the 2012 Gary Crayton Senior Memorial Award of Excellence.  This award has been given annually since the passing of Gary Crayton II, known in the building as “Senior,” to mark the achievements of the employee who most exemplifies professionalism and excellence in both pool knowledge and customer service- things my father stressed daily.  We are so proud of Justin and all he has done for our employees and clients.  Justin just took a promotion from Supervisor to become our Operating Partner in the new Markets of Ft. Myers and Cape Coral.  We look forward to great things from him in the near future! 


Dave Hahmann President of Bay Area Pool Service with Justin Peterson the 2012 Gary Crayton Senior Memorial Award winner.  

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