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Technology Improvements Go Live!

Technology Improvements Go Live To Serve You and Your Pool Better  
Bay Area Pool Service has always been an industry leader in pool service technology.  We love technology especially when technology helps us improve customer service and efficiency- we are very interested. 
 In January we went live with our latest technological push to help us better serve you our clients- real time paperless data capture in the field! 
Our personnel stopped using our old paper route books in January of this year and switched to tablet computers operating via the internet, sending data from their route instantly to our servers, giving our customer service team and route personnel real time data on the status of pools, client concerns, repair needs, client notes, and route progress through the day. 
We couple this technology with our live, real-time GPS system on each vehicle giving us each in-the-field employees’ exact location at all times. By looking at a screen we know where each of our trucks are and can route more efficiently, handle most pool issues on the same day, and manage routes for safety- helping to contain costs of driving which allows us to keep prices competitive for you. 
It is customer service that drives us and there have already been multiple instances where our size and new pool service technology have matched to provide excellence. Last week a prospective client called to go on service, the new work order was entered as they spoke on the phone and automatically sent to the Start UP scheduler. The job was immediately assigned through the cloud to a Start Up Supervisor in the field and because he was doing work on another pool in the same neighborhood we were at the new client’s pool 15 minutes after they called to begin service. This is the kind of customer service we strive to provide every day.
Similar situations have happened with our Mechanics and Supervisors many times since we went live on January 1, 2012. New situations occur each week- where our GPS and Instant job processing through the cloud have made us a better company and improved our service to you.   We don’t believe in tech for the sake of tech but when it makes us better, when it changes how we operate and creates scenarios that provide service excellence for you, then we love technology. That it’s green and saves on paper is a bonus as well. 

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