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May is Swimming Pool Safety Month

Bay Area Pool Service supports swimming pool safety initiatives through its membership to the Association of Pool and Spa Professional (APSP) and the Florida Swimming Pool Association (FSPA). Both groups provide swimming pool safety information through press releases, videos, online, and printable pamphlets. If you have questions about pool and spa safety please visit the following sites to get answers.
In addition to these sites, I have attended many pool safety seminars, and of them all the best guidance I ever heard was simply this: Set aside swimming times for your youngsters and make that your sole focus is on them when it occurs. If you only have 20 minutes to supervise swimming then do nothing else! No phones, don’t answer the door, don’t cook, and don’t do anything except watch the children swim for 20 minutes. Then it’s out of the pool and the pool barriers go back up and the pool is off limits. 
Statistics show that child drowning occurs when their watchers get distracted and leave the swimmers or don’t put barriers back up. So the real issue is our ability as watchers to stay focused on the job of supervising the children swim. It takes training to ignore the door, or phone, or texting, or whatever. 
We also “negatively” train ourselves when we slip away one time or another to get the phone, or answer the door only to return and see that the kids are still okay in the pool. We “learn” that “the kids being okay” if we slip away is the expected outcome. This is false learning- because it happens once or more does not mean it will happen every time, and it leads to tragedy in pools. 
Don’t fall victim to false learning, dedicate the time solely to the children during swim time, and replace pool barriers every time after swimming is over. Make sure sitters and other family members are trained the same way and don’t allow any exceptions. Swimming pool safety takes training on everyone’s part! 

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