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Spring Pool Checklist

We get calls this time of year from people wanting to know what they need to do to get their pool ready for swim season.  I think it’s best to call Bay Area Pool Service for our “Spring Special” – which is designed to get your pool ready for the season.  If you want to do it yourself, I created a checklist to prepare your pool for springtime.  As the water warms up in Florida, here is what your pool needs:

1.       Make sure your Pool Filter is ready-

a.       DE Filters need to be disassembled and cleaned at least once per year to maintain your warranty and proper operation of the internal parts of the filter.  The reason for this is that backwashing alone never gets all DE out of the filter and the accumulation must be removed to not damage internal parts.

b.      Cartridge Filter Elements need to be replaced annually – we believe “Blue is Better” and sell Pleatco’s Antimicrobial Blue replacement elements- the best replacement elements in the market. 

c.       Sand Filters- while we don’t recommend sand changes anymore (we feel you should spend that money instead on a new cartridge or DE filter to get better filtration for your pool) manufacturers do suggest fluffing your sand to remove impacted areas and improve filtration.  Sand filters are several magnitudes poorer in removing dirt, debris, algae, viruses, metals and minerals than are modern cartridge and DE filters.  If you have a sand filter, please consider upgrading. 

d.      All Pool Filters need to make sure their valves are working, O-rings and clamps are functioning, safe and leak free, that pressure gauges are working and that safety air relief valves are functioning properly and pointed in a safe direction. 

2.       Equipment Pad Check- The other equipment on your pad needs to be looked over to make sure it is leak free, operating properly, pump baskets and O- Rings replaced if needed and that safety devices, bond wires and non-shock cards are all in place and functioning.  Pool Timers need to be set to run longer and in daylight hours, and pool heaters need to be test fired by a trained professional if they have been idle for more than a month. 

3.       Make sure your propane tanks are filled by a reputable company that can certify the integrity of your gas lines and gas regulator valve at least annually.  This step must be done by your gas company.

4.       Pool Safety Check- Make sure all Pool Ladders have all their steps, no sharp edges and that both ladders and pool rails are firmly in place.  Make sure deep end egress has not become blocked with plants or accumulated toys or winter debris.  Make sure the pool and spa lights function properly.   All pool and spa drain covers must be the new VGB federally approved covers and all screws must be in place.  Make sure there are no other hazards on the deck, tile line, or pool floor.


NOTE: Do not swim in a pool or spa without intact and in place drain covers and don’t allow any child to do so ever, under any circumstance - it is not safe.   Never swim in a pool or spa with open port side suction either, uncovered side drains are also a hazard that must be fixed prior to swimming. 

5.       Clean the pool and replace any worn or damaged skimmer baskets or weirs- many pools go un-cleaned during the winter months and this accumulated debris must be removed, and the pool chemistry properly balanced prior to swimming. 


Again, if this prep list seems daunting- don’t worry.  Bay Area Pool Service handles most of this list with one phone call, just ask for the “Spring Special” and we handle the Filter, the Equipment pad, the pool safety check, the heater inspection and recommend to you any other items that need attention.  Our experienced mechanics carry most items on the truck so most repairs are one trip, including new drain covers and filter parts.   Please give us a call if you need any help getting your pool ready for swim season along Florida’s West Coast.  For more information about our "Spring Special" please click here.

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