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Spring Pool Care

Warm water means big changes in your pool and its chemistry.  When your pool water gets above 72 degrees algae has an easier time blooming in the pool.  Here are some important tips you need to know as your pool water increases in temperature:

1)      Run times need to increase- warmer water requires more circulation and filtration to stay clean and algae free- make sure you reset the timer to run a minimum of 8-10 hours for a typical Florida pool.  If you have questions about the proper run time for your pool please give us a call.


“Our water temperatures are already in the high 70’s close to 80 degrees here in Naples,” says Harry Van Loveren Operating Partner with Bay Area Pool Service in Naples.  “Clients looking for Naples pool service already know our water gets warmer faster than some north Florida locations, so we have to increase run times sooner, but then again we get to swim sooner too.”


2)      Winter debris needs to be removed- many people let the pool go a little bit when they are not swimming in the colder water, but the left over leaves and other organic debris in the pool needs to be cleaned out.  If your pool hasn’t been cleaned in a while remove that debris ASAP because it is a source of nourishment for algae and bacteria.  If you’re on our chemical service and clean the pool yourself, and have gotten behind, please give us a call to schedule a one-time cleaning, we are happy to help. 


3)      More sun means more chemistry in the pool- you need to make sure you have enough sanitizer and oxidizer in the water as it transitions from cool to warm temperatures.  This transition period can be a big problem if you don’t have enough chlorine residual in the water.  Make sure your stabilizer reading is up between 60-80 PPM to protect your chlorine from UV degradation. 


“You can keep an eye on Gulf temperatures and the Bay temperatures to know when the pool transition is going to happen” according to Gil Serrano Manager of Bay Area Pool Service “as a Tampa pool service company, you know when it stays above 72 degrees the change is coming and you should be preparing your pool for warmer water.”

Clients of Bay Area Pool Service never worry about these issues because we handle the chemistry and change your timer appropriate to the season.  If you are considering hiring a pool service company please give us a call we would love to take care of your pool. 

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