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Spring Comes Early

Is Your Pool Ready for Swimming?

Bay Area Pool Service's Spring Pool Service

In the Tampa Bay Pool Market, Spring’s arrival is confirmed by one thing - Oak Pollen! We all know spring is here because our cars and roads and pools are all covered by the green pollen haze and the oak pollen “worms”. This time of year should trigger a question…is my pool ready for swim season? Here are three vital things you need to do to get your pool ready:

1) Make sure your Baskets are working at 100%. This means replacing broken baskets, and cleaning them often during the high pollen and debris season. Don’t forget the Pump lid O-Ring.

2) Annual Filter Service for DE and Sand Filters or replacing cartridge elements. Don’t forget those O-rings on the filter either. An important note to DE Filter owners- most warranties are dependent upon professional cleaning of your filter at least once per year.

3) Perform a pool Safety Check of your equipment pad and drain covers - Check for leaks, proper bonding, time clock non-shock cards, functioning pressure gauge, valve function, motor function, and all suction drain covers. 

Bay Area Pool Service offers our Spring pool service “Spring Special” at this time of every year to perform and check these three important items for you.



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