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Special Employee Interview

An Interview with Dell Murdock on her 37th Anniversary with Bay Area Pool Service:

1.       What month and year did you start with the company Dell? 

I started in May 1976.

2.       Your first name is Margaret, how did you come by the name Dell?


Dell is my middle name.   My mother’s name was Margaret so they called me Dell to lessen the confusion.


3.       What had you been doing before working for Bay Area?


Previous to Bay Area I worked for W R Garrett, CPA for two years as an accounting assistant.


4.       What kind of car did you drive back then? 


It’s been a long time but I believe it was a green Volkswagen.


5.       Were there any other current employees in the company back then?


Steve Crayton, one of our Directors and Rick Aldrich one of our Mechanics are the only ones still alive and at the company.


6.       What was your first job with the company? 

I was a Bookkeeper, secretary, and personal assistant to Gary Senior.  There were no computers back then so we did all billing by hand directly from the route cards in the route books. 


7.       You worked with Gary Senior then, can you tell us a funny story about him?  


We didn’t see the funny side of him very often in the office but you had to laugh at some of the leisure suits he would wear with his white loafers.  Remember this was the 70’s.


8.       37 years is a long time, what have been the biggest changes at the company since you started?  What has stayed the same? 


The biggest changes have been our growth in customers, areas serviced and the use of salt chlorine generators.  Our commitment to customer satisfaction and treating employees like family has stayed the same. 


Congratulations Dell on your anniversary with the company, you are a big part of our success story and the glue that holds our office team together.  The Family feeling you describe is in large part due to your influence.  Three cheers to you Dell! 

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