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Pool Chemical Service - a Partnership

We are proud that over 7000 clients choose us to provide their pool chemical service.  Most of those clients also choose to have us do some form of cleaning to the pool, like our economical Brush Basket and Filter Service for example.  However, a large number of our clients clean their own pools- forming a partnership with us for the pool’s care.  It is this “partnership” relationship I want to discuss. 

Swimming Pools require 4 things to work properly- Cleaning, Chemicals, Circulation, and Filtration.

This partnership has benefits- our Premium Chemical service is an excellent value giving you wonderful feeling low chlorine swim safe water to enjoy with your family.  You in turn provide the cleaning of the pool and filter and we both keep an eye on the equipment with our mechanics ready to help when needed.

Most of our clients are enjoying the low chlorine swimming of our Premium Chemical Service featuring the Free Use of a Salt Chlorine Generator.  In order to take advantage of the low chlorine the rest of the pool’s functions must be maintained perfectly.

·         Filters need to be backwashed, cleaned and maintained periodically to ensure proper Circulation and Filtration. 
·         Pumps need to run for the proper amount of time to provide water turn over a key factor in Circulation and Filtration
·         Baskets and Orings need to be maintained to keep the equipment running well and provide Circulation and Filtration
·         The pool needs to be vacuumed periodically to Clean the pool and remove any organic matter in the water.
·         Pools need to be brushed at least every other week to remove and Clean anything off the walls and steps and to care for    your pool finish.
·         Returns fittings must be in place, properly sized and adjusted to promote maximum Circulation in the pool.  This is essential also for proper distribution of Chemicals.
·         Skimmers and Main Drains with proper safety covers should be functioning to return all of the water to the Filtration equipment and to help Circulation and Chemical disbursement.

As we approach the end of another summer with its storms and a lot of rain, I want to say to our Partnership Pools- good job.  Enjoy the Fall!

If you found yourself a little behind in your pool maintenance this season its okay, we can help.  If you need a one-time spruce up or would like to go on periodic cleaning service to take that burden away, please give us a call.  


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