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Pool Chemical Safety

During the month of May, the country is focused on Swimming Pool Safety.  One major issue we tend to gloss over during this conversation is Pool Chemical Safety.   People injure themselves, their children, their pets and property with pool chemicals every day.  These injuries are worse as they are avoidable simply by using a pool service professional to do your chemicals for you. The Safety Advantages of having pool professionals do your pool’s chemicals are clear:
1-    No transporting hazardous materials in your personal vehicle risking dangerous spills and exposure-we do it for you!
2-    No storing hazardous chemicals around your children, friends, and pets at home-we don’t leave any chemicals on site! 
3-    No using and spilling hazardous chemicals around your children, pets and home-We handle all chemicals and leave nothing at your home, all chemicals are added directly to the water!   
4-    You have a trained pool professional at pool side that can identify issues and maintain your pool even when you’re out of town.  We show up on schedule.
5-    No swimming in “questionable” water because you didn’t have time to get to the pool store. Your pool is guaranteed swim safe while in our care! 
Swimming Pool Safety extends to the water and chemicals we swim in and the use of those chemicals.  Avoid injuries, and potential pool chemical storage and transportation hazards associated with buying your own pool chemicals- hire a pool professional like Bay Area Pool Service to do the job for you.  Call or email us today to find out why over 7,000 clients love our chemical service!


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