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Phosphates and Pool Water

Ten years ago phosphates in pool water were rare even here on the West Coast of Florida where we have some large phosphate mining operations going on, but a few factors have changed and now Phosphates in our pools is a fact of life. 

Municipalities now add Phosphates to the water system to protect the pipes.  We have found the amount varies by municipality but all seem to be adding it to our drinking water to limit the damage of corrosion to the actual plumbing.  So when you add municipal water to the pool you are adding phosphates.

Fertilizers the kind you buy and the kind used by lawn spraying companies use phosphates to promote plant growth.  When these chemicals make their way into the pool they promote plant growth- Algae!  Some pool stain removers also contain large doses of phosphates to help stabilize the chemical formulas in their stain removal products, unfortunately they inadvertently also promote Algae! 

On rare occasions clients accidentally fill their pools with reclaimed water or a sprinkler using reclaimed water hits the pool.  Besides other issues with reclaimed water- can you say time to super chlorinate- it is high in phosphates and again promotes Algae! 

All of these occurrences have led to Bay Area Pool Service treating your pool on a maintenance basis for phosphates.  These standard treatments are included in your premium and conventional pool chemical service.  In extreme cases we do charge extra for phosphate removal as it takes a three day intensive routine to remove properly.   When this happens we try to work with you and identify the sources of phosphates getting into your pool and help you eliminate them. 

Phosphates-something we didn’t check for 10 years ago are now a major factor in caring for your pool. 


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