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News from the FL Pool Show

Last week was full of education for our team.  As a contractor I am required to take continuing education, and there were other Bay Area Pool Service Team members at the Orlando show gaining education to make us a better company.  I was also able to teach two classes, which was fun, as it had been a while since I have taught anyone who wasn’t working for me.  I had too much info in my beginning business class, and had to rush the material; I will shorten it and allow for more discussion next time… if they invite me back! 

In this blog I want to focus on the show and my impressions.  It was well attended and busy in my opinion.  There were some very interesting products and even a few that debuted here as opposed to the National show; Florida is that important a market.  Overall the mood seemed improved over recent Florida Shows, from the manufacturers and builders to the service people, everyone seemed excited about 2013. 

Robotic pool cleaners seemed to be a big focus of the show, I took a class on them as one of my elective continuing education credits, and the price to benefit relationship really seems to be getting in line to create a good value for clients.  Look for our Repair and Equipment Department to have a few of these test robots out in the field in the near future.  We will make sure they live up to all their claims through trials before we introduce them to you formally. 

I will have more news and thoughts from the show later this week. 

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