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More Pool Show News

 In my last blog I gave you my first blush impressions of the international pool and spa show from New Orleans, and discussed the newest, more affordable and higher debris capacity robotic cleaners.  In this blog I would like to focus on the total backyard pool space enjoyment trend.  There was a significant theme at the show - centering outdoor activities around your pool, so even if you were not swimming you could enjoy the water, your deck space, and the sound of water. 

Fire pits of every shape and material with seating areas, for the fall and winter outdoor seasons, powered by gas or good old logs, where in dozens of booths.   Grills of all types were there as well, kamado style, gas, pellet, wood smokers, brick pizza ovens from Italy, you name it-they was there.  There was even a glass grill?! Price tag $14,000.00! Who knew we needed one of those? 

I admit that I found myself drawn to these grill booths because I am outside grilling a lot this time of year and enjoying the water while I do it.  This theme and having a good grill I enjoy using made sense to me, and seeing the water and hearing the sound of water while I grill adds to my happiness. 

The outdoor seating areas featured pergolas, tiki huts, bar tops and gazebos some in all curved glass with retractable sides- neat engineering.  I didn’t ask how much that was. 

 The theme was getting outside and enjoying cooking or entertaining or just spending time in the back yard with friends and family.  As we approach Thanksgiving, I think this is a great message for us all. 

We don’t carry any of the products in this blog per se, but our suppliers do, so for our customers who read my blog I will let you know that if you have a specific model in mind and if our suppliers carry it, we will be happy to price it out for you- anything to help you enjoy your backyard pool space more.  
Post by: Gary Crayton III

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