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More News from the FL Show

Another hot topic of discussion at this year’s Florida Pool and Spas Show was the FSPA’s legislative initiative. 

The Florida Swimming Pool Association’s sponsored legislation to put pool cleaning and chemical treatment back into the Pool Contracting Licenses was discussed throughout the show from the classrooms to the show floor.  The industry in general is behind this bill as it will clarify for consumers who can work on your pool equipment versus just clean your pool.  Currently, some pool cleaning companies and individuals that are not contractors illegally work on pool equipment-placing huge risks on the homeowner- illegal contracting is not covered by workers compensation so the risk of worker injury falls directly onto the homeowner, illegal contracting also voids manufacturers’ warranties so you have no warranty on products you buy from these businesses or individuals, and illegal contactors are oftentimes providing work not to code creating safety concerns at your pool. 

FSPA’s bill fixes all these consumer issues and Bay Area Pool Service supports this important legislation.  Please ask your FL Congress Person to support Senate Bill 156 and House Bill 737. 

Rest assured that Bay Area Pool Service has the highest licensure available in the State and we can legally do all work needed to keep your pool in the very best shape.  We also hold Natural and LP Gas licenses so that we can legally work on your gas pool heaters.  All our professional pool mechanics and pool service professionals go through the industry’s best in house training, and we work hard to be current on all codes and laws related to your pool and safety.  Thank you for choosing Bay Area Pool Service; it is our honor to take care of your pool. 

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