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More Benefits of Swimming

I have written before about the benefits of swimming; and in reality that is our business- to take on the work of your pool to give you more time to enjoy it.  Well, now there is another great article by Dr. Bruce Becker, “Proof: What Science Knows About Aquatic Exercise,” April 2013, which summarizes work with athletes and others in pool exercise and therapy.  The best news yet from the article…you get health benefits from simply sitting and soaking in the water!

Dr. Becker calls it “Almost Magic,” and lists several of the physiological benefits to swimming. 

1.       Due to waters density, and its hydrostatic pressure we are more buoyant in water than in air, and there is less stress on our joints.  This “off-loading” of joints is the most well known benefit of being in water. 

2.       Dr. Becker further explains, “… in an immersion environment, the heart muscle faces less resistance from the circulatory system, making each systolic contraction of the heart more efficient in terms of moving blood.”  This is much better than increased blood flow via increased heart rate according to Dr. Becker.

3.       Respiratory work rate is increased in water by 60 % at rest because of water’s viscosity so your respiratory muscles work harder and increase your strength and endurance. 

4.       Immersion in warm water lowers blood pressure, increases cardiac volume and output while decreasing vascular resistance per Dr. Becker.

5.       Researchers also suspect benefits to kidney function, bone blood flow for healing breaks and stress fractures, joint lubrication, relaxation, pain suppression, balance and sleep patterns. 

We inherently know it’s good for you to be in your pool.  If we can do anything to help you spend more time in your pool please give us a call today.  At Bay Area Pool Service we believe our slogan is our reason for being, “We Do All The Work, You Have All The Fun!”

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