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Memorial Day Schedule 2014

The customer Service Team asked me to remind everyone about our summer holiday schedule beginning with Memorial Day this coming Monday. The office will be closed, however our route team will be working until noon on Monday 5/26/14. They will be working from behind on Tuesday and Wednesday to catch up and should be back on schedule by Thursday or Friday.

Please be cognizant of locked gates and make sure you leave them unlocked the day after your regular service day on these summer holiday weeks. The same applies to leaving dogs out, if we are behind we will be there the day after your regular service.

Thank you for your cooperation on these summer holidays we appreciate your understanding of our holiday schedule which allows our route professionals to get to the pools in the morning and still enjoy the holiday with friends and family in the afternoon.

At 3 PM on Monday we are all asked to take a break from our celebrations and remember those that fought and died so that we might live in a free nation under the rule of law. While some in Washington feel that those sacrifices are not worthy of giving veterans and their families our best, we don’t agree with that.

I will be remembering my great Uncle Donny whom I never met and who died when his plane was shot down over France during WWII. I will be remembering the four murdered Americans in Benghazi and the terrorist criminals still at large. I will pray for the young men and women who have not and will not be coming home from our current wars. I will be remembering the young men who fought in Vietnam and who were treated so poorly by a confused nation, I pray they find peace in the memorial for their fallen friends. Finally, may the politicians of this land live up to the noble standards our men and women in uniform are asked to adhere to daily. God Bless America.

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