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June is Referral Month


Dear Clients-

We take pride that you, our clients, are historically our biggest source of new business through referrals.  Some of you have three generations of family on service and many of you have two generations on service.  As a family business, this means a lot to us and we thank you.  Bay Area Pool Service will always work hard to keep that trust you have placed in us to care for your pool and your family while they swim. 

June is Referral Month.  It is the time of year when we want to say thanks to you in a special way.  During June we increase our normal referral credit to existing clients from 3 weeks free to 6 weeks free per referral.  It’s just a little something extra we do annually to make all of the employees at Bay Area Pool Service take a step back and really think about how much you mean to us.   

Some might call that a cheesy exercise, but I feel it’s important to the culture of a service based business to really focus on who and what we are and why we go to work every day.  The general answer to those questions is you our client, and specifically your pool.  I feel it’s “our” pool too and we are in a partnership to make it the best pool it can be.  I want our employees to be passionate about “our” pool and to take ownership of making it swim safe, balanced, clean, working well and beautiful. 

So here’s to you- our clients.  We are honored you have allowed us into your backyards to care for “our” pools, and to make us a part of your lives.  We are grateful for the friends, neighbors and relatives you refer to us, we strive every day to live up to the trust you have shown by refereeing us to the people you care for- Thank You.


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