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Is “Free Use of Salt Generator” True?!


Is the “Free Use of a Salt Chlorine Generator” True? we hear that question a lot.

Clients ask us this and usually follow with “How do you do that,” or “Is that what other pool companies do”? 

So the shorts answers are Yes, Size and Experience, and No. 

To expound; the Free Use of a Salt Chlorine Generator is True!  We do not charge you anything for the unit and our service price is the same whether you are on Premium Chemical Service or on Regular Chemical Service.  We recognize that some pools may not be good candidates for Salt Systems and we do not put units on pools that are for sale, but the vast majority of pools can utilize the units and experience the benefits of swimming in low chlorine, great feeling swimming pool water. 

“How do we do that,” is best answered by the words Size and Experience.  We are the biggest residential swimming pool service provider in the South East United States, and we use that size and our great relationship with manufacturers to buy the Salt Units well, and then we use our hard earned experience to get them installed on your pool quickly and efficiently.  This allows us to treat your pool with the unit installed for the same price as our regular Bleach and Acid based chemical service.  The fact that we own over 7000 of these units installed on your friends’ and neighbors’ pools means that we know how to do it and have gone through all the learning curves.  We have it down to a science. 

Is that what other companies do”?  No it isn’t.  No one else has our Size, and no one else has our Experience.  I’m sure there are other good companies out there but our focus has always been on giving you the best swimming experience by providing innovative services meant to enhance your pleasure with the pool and the water you swim in.  If we can utilize a Salt Chlorine Generator to reduce the amount of Chlorine you swim in, to enhance the feel, relaxation quality and overall experience of your swimming then we are providing you an improved service.  This fits our motto and therefore our culture- “We Do All The Work, You Have All The Fun!” Since 1952… and we mean it.  

Call or email our Customer Service team and get the FREE use of a Salt Chlorine Generator Today! 


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