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International Pool Show

I just returned from the International Pool and Spa Show in New Orleans.  The show, while sparsely attended by some accounts, was great in my opinion because there was an opportunity to spend quality time with our major vendors and suppliers.  We also had ample time to walk the whole show and hunt out new innovative products to bring to you.  Here is a first blush account at what I saw at the show.

Energy efficiency was big; there were more innovations in bringing variable speed pool motors and pool pumps to consumers in varying sizes and horse powers.  Hydraulic efficiency of pool equipment was also stressed so we can move water more efficiently saving money without reducing performance of features and filtration.

Products to enhance your backyard experience were everywhere- so many fire pits and grills- seating arrangements around fire features, and opportunities to enjoy the backyard pool space without necessarily swimming.  Gazebos and grill islands, pellet smokers and Komodo style grills of all shapes and sizes.  I love the vertical rib holders for bbq ribs- You can cook 9 racks of ribs in the space you used to cook 2, ingenious! 

Swimmer safety was a key as well with multiple companies now offering suction entrapment avoidance devices or built in SVRS programming to pumps.  As always we will keep abreast of all these products bringing the best to you and your family.  Safety drain covers meeting the federal VGB code were everywhere at the show.  I was glad to see everyone following the law. 

Also at the show it seemed was every chemical manufacturer from China.  Here’s a business opportunity- if you can speak Chinese and English you can make a lot of money manning the booths at trade shows and helping these companies generate sales and good will- communication was comically frustrating.

One trend we have avoided bringing to your attention for the last few years because of the units reputation and expense was Robotic Pool Cleaners.  I think it is time for you to be aware of the next generation of pool cleaning devices.  If you have an “automatic” pool cleaner now you may want to consider robotic cleaners.   These units are “smart” as in they run a mapping program of your pool the first time they clean it and develop a plan of the pool in the computer.  They will subsequently clean the pool more efficiently and make sure they cover the whole pool and most of the walls and tile line as well on following cleanings.  Their debris bag or bags are now bigger and have varying mesh sizes for different applications.

What it means to you is a robotic cleaner can be plugged in and put in the pool to perform 80-90% of the vacuuming, brushing and tile cleaning jobs for you in about 2 -3 hours, while you are doing other things, then the unit can be removed or left in the pool to do the same thing tomorrow.  Your job would be to clean out the debris bags and store the unit properly.  They are not inexpensive, but they are thinking units capable of getting to the majority of your pool and cleaning it, saving those of you who do your own cleaning a good bit of time.  Sorry, no robots to clean your filter yet you still need to do it yourself or have us do it for you! 

I will write more about the show later, if you want to learn more about robotic cleaners please call our repair department, we are experimenting with some units now and should be ready to bring the best ones for our market to you soon!

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