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FSPA Scholarship

FSPA Scholarships

One of my favorite times of the year is here-Florida Swimming Pool Association scholarship time.  As a member of the FSPA Scholarship committee I have the privilege of reviewing scholarship applications from children of people who work in the pool industry in Florida.  Every year I see new applicants and follow the path of returning applicants as they make their way through college and sometimes grad school. 

Each applicant must submit test scores, GPA, class rank, letters of recommendation, a personal essay and a research paper.  It’s a lot of work!  I enjoy reading the students’ papers and seeing how they become better more confident writers as they move through the process year after year.  I am particularly impressed by the students who work while in school and love to get letters of recommendation from employers who are equally proud of these ambitious young people. 

Bay Area Pool Service is a proud sponsor, along with many other fine pool businesses, of the FSPA Scholarship.  Congratulations to all the applicants and best of luck in your scholastic endeavors.

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