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Florida Pool Show

Tomorrow starts the Florida Swimming Pool and Spa annual show in Orlando.  The show features hundreds of hours of educational opportunities for pool professionals and the convention center hosts the industry’s major manufacturers and suppliers from around the globe who show their products off to the pool trade.  We are lucky to have such rich educational opportunities so close to our base of operations, and we look forward to learning all we can as we continue to be the best pool service company in the world. 

This year Bay Area Pool Service is sending 10 employees over to the show to gain from the educational experience, and best of all I get to teach 2 classes.  I believe other than in house training the last class I stood in front of as the teacher was an 8th grade Junior Achievement group at a local middle school.  As a new instructor I think I got saddled with the class no one else wanted it’s a Laws and Rules Class, that doesn’t change much in content but is mandatory.  I am happy to do it because as a contractor knowing the laws and rules is vital to providing clients the best pool service and repair. 

My other class is Business Basics and should be a lot of fun, as I got to create the class from an already approved syllabus.  I hope I make my business school professors proud.  I am also taking classes on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday as well as walking the show on Friday.  We really are dedicated to staying at the tip of the industry as far as technology and education for our personnel; because I believe that translates into the very best service experience for you.  I look forward to sharing some of the things we learned over the next few weeks.

Thank you to those who called and emailed wishing us well on our announced expansion into 5 new markets, we are very excited and looking forward to bringing our “We Do All The Work, You Have All The Fun!” attitude to the rest of Florida!

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