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Fall Leaves and Debris

Most of Florida breathed a sigh of relief as Sandy passed us by.  Our thoughts and prayers go to the people affected severely by this storm.  Sandy’s winds even here on Florida’s west coast started knocking debris into pools. 

For many, this is the start of the winter leaf and debris season in your pool and we have a couple of items in our arsenal you need to be aware of to help you in the battle against leaves.  The first is easy; it’s more attention from you.  During times of heavy leaves it is important to clean skimmer baskets daily and sometimes multiple times a day.  This keeps water flowing to your pool motor so it doesn’t overheat and break or cause your plumbing to warp and leak. 

Obviously we clean baskets as part of our cleaning service but once a week or once every other week is usually not enough in the leaf falling season- your pool needs your help this time of year. 

The second item to bring to your attention is new equipment that is designed to help your pool in the battle with leaves and debris.  We have special skimmer baskets with raised cone centers designed to pull water over accumulated leaves in the basket.  We also have new skimmer weirs just out in the market that are made to increase your skimmers efficiency getting more leaves into the basket faster. 

Third, some of our clients in traditional heavy debris areas without screens choose this time of year to increase their service to multiple cleanings per week.  This of course is always an option but again the pool baskets need to be checked daily even if we come 2 or 3 times per week. 

If you would like more information on how we can help in the battle against leaves and debris this winter please call our customer service team today! 

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