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Fall is coming- really it is!

As warm and sometimes muggy and humid as October in Florida can be, it does mark the beginning of Fall for us.  Unlike up north where people are shutting their pools down, Floridians can and often do continue to enjoy using their pools this time of year.  Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your pool this Fall and Winter.

Heat Pumps:  Florida is perfect for heat pumps.  Bay Are Pool Service recommends heat pumps to heat your pool- they offer the best heating value for large bodies of water.

1.       If you are using a Heat Pump to extend the swim season, make sure your pool is running during the warmest parts of the day.

2.       Running your heat pump during cooler evening and early morning hours cuts down on its efficiency- costing you extra money. 

3.       Don’t like or don’t use your solar blanket? - join the crowd.  Most blankets we see are balled up on the side of the house.  Consider using a chemical solar blanket.

4.       If your heat pump is over 10 years old it may be time to replace it.  Heat Pump efficiency is measured in COP- coefficient of performance, and newer units that conform to the New Florida Energy Code are significantly more efficient than older units reducing your operating costs.

Gas Heaters:  Either Propane or Natural, Gas Heaters are great for heating Spas and other small bodies of water quickly.  Warm water therapy is good for the body and soul- so use that spa!

1.       Make sure to have a check up on your heater before running it if it’s been dormant since last winter or before.

2.       Don’t forget to call the gas company to fill your propane tank.

3.       Clients who have automation use their spas more often and report greater satisfaction with their spa than clients who have to turn their own valves.  They also don’t forget to turn off the heater- whoops been there done that!

4.       If you use your gas heater a lot or as a back up to a heat pump to heat your pool make sure you consider a High Efficiency Gas Heater.  We don’t recommend gas as first line heat for a big body of water but- if it has to be warm- then use the most efficient heater on the market. 

5.       Again if the heater is older than 10 years it may be time to replace it with a newer more efficient model.

If you have questions about heating your pool or spa, if you need a heater check up or if you are ready for a new heater or automation please call our Customer Service Team.  For more information about pool and spa heaters please see our Pool Heating page.  

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