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Expansion Updates

As many of you already know we expanded this March down the West Coast of Florida to include Bradenton, Sarasota, Cape Coral, Fort Myers, and Naples.  We are very proud of our operating partners and the hard work bringing Bay Area Pool Service’s culture and promise “We Do All The Work, You Have All The Fun!” to new clients in those markets.


Harry Van Loveren, Operating Partner-Naples, says clients love the fact that we do what they are paying for.  “Some companies in the market place say they are doing full cleanings, but are only spot cleaning and I’m seeing a lot of skipped filters on pools we take over.  Clients are not used to the level of service we provide and they are very pleased when they realize our level of professionalism.”

If you want what you pay for and expect superior pool service in Naples, give us a call and be prepared to have Fun in your pool again!  

Fort Myers-Cape Coral

Justin Peterson, Operating Partner-Fort Myers, comments, “Clients on the Cape just love us!  On several occasions I have been on a street in Cape Coral and neighbors have come out of their houses and followed me into their neighbor’s back yards to get onto our pool service.  Clients are really hungry for a professional pool company in Cape Coral and Fort Myers, and I am happy to get them set up!” 

If you need pool service in Cape Coral or pool service in Fort Myers, please give Bay Area Pool Service a call, Justin is looking forward to meeting you. 

Sarasota- Bradenton

Pool chemical service in Bradenton and Sarasota is going very well for Anthony Basilicato, Operating Partner.  “Clients here love our “Free Use of A Salt Chlorine Generator.”  Clients looking for pool service in Lakewood Ranch just can’t believe the value our pool chemical service represents,” says Anthony.  “Word is getting around now that our value is real and this is a fantastic deal for clients, on my first few calls I spent time convincing clients our value was legit.  Now word of mouth is taking care of that.” 

Please give us a call and Anthony will prove to you that Bay Area Pool Service is the best pool service company in Sarasota and Bradenton. 

Spring Hill- New Port Richey

Wesley is our Operating Partner in Spring Hill and New Port Richey and has been serving clients in Pasco and Hernando since July of 2012.  “We are going to have over 250 clients in this territory by the end of June,” say Wesley, “Our target was 200 in year one and we passed that in April of this year.  It’s very gratifying giving clients a level of service they haven’t seen before and having referrals from our new clients being our number one source of new customers. I’m very proud to be up here in my home town bringing clients the best pool service in Spring Hill and the best pool chemical service in New Port Richey.” 

Way to go Wesley!  We knew you would exceed expectations for clients and for the company.

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