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Clarifying the Water: What’s the “Best” pool filtration media?


The tricky part is that question can be answered in several ways.  
If you define “Best” as Filtration capabilities i.e. removing the smallest sized particulate matter from the pool, then DE filters would be the best.
Best Filtration-DE filters  down to the smallest Micron Size ( 2-5 microns) 
Good Filtration-Followed closely by Modern Cartridge filters (7-10 microns)
Poor Filtration-Bringing up the rear are Sand filters that do a poor job (30+ microns)
 If you define “Best” as allowing the greatest hydraulic efficiency and water flow, then Cartridge Filters are the best.  Best Hydraulic Efficiency:
Best Hydraulics -Modern Cartridge Filters with 2 ½” inlet and outlet   
Okay Hydraulics -High Rate Sand Filters  
Least Efficient Hydraulics -DE Filters with 1 ½” Multiport valves
And finally if you define “Best” as the easiest to use, you would have to say a venerable top mount multiport sand filter would have to be the easiest.  
Easiest to use- Sand Filters  
Easy to use - Multiport DE filters   
Technical to use safely and reassemble- Cartridge Filters
So if you ask an old pool guy like me, “what is the best filter for my pool”?  I am going to answer your question with a lot of questions of my own about your pool and plumbing before I can say for sure, but if you corner me and force me to answer I will say I always defer to filtration capability first, hydraulic matching and efficiency second and ease of use I don’t consider, because we are pros and can use them all.  Cost of course is always a consideration in the selection process.
I recommend you call a pool expert when it comes time to replace your filter so we can help you navigate this decision.  We will make sure the “Best” filter for your pool is what we install.  

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