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Advice to Friend- Save Money!

I was talking to a friend last weekend about his pool.  I should qualify this statement by saying to any of you who know me, “it’s okay to talk to me about your pool- really.”  For some reason people think they are bothering me when they talk shop to me.  I like pools, I’ve been in the industry since I was 12, that’s 36 years of dealing with pools, I enjoy talking to you about your pool.

So anyway, back to my point, he was asking me what the catch was about these “new pool motors,” and he didn’t want the sales job just the “real story” with them.  My first thought was wow we are a cynical society today but then Caveat Emptor has been around for a while so I guess that’s understandable.

My second thought was I need to do a better job of making sure people know the character of our Company.  We do not sell products we don’t believe in and stand behind fully.  We do not make claims we aren’t willing to back up with our own labor warranty.

I went on to explain to my buddy that the deal is simple:

1-      The new motors use advanced technology- Magnetic Drives as opposed to wound copper coils, to improve efficiency.


2-      The new motors are variable speed versus a fixed speed so we can take advantage of the Pump Affinity Law which states all other variables being equal if you reduce the hydraulic flow in half the pump works only a quarter as hard.  So you can run the pump longer to move the same amount of water and still save money.


3-      We guarantee it!  Our mechanics calculate your current motor’s amp draw and the power you are using and then plug that into the calculations and if you are not going to save at least $1,000.00 over a three year period using the new pump or motor we will discount the price right on the spot to make sure you do!


4-      All this happens under warranty- there is no risk to you.  We warrant this product to work for the three years 100% motor and labor.  To be forthright- minor wear out parts - seals and o-rings are only covered for 90 days.


It is rare in my experience that “Green” products actually save you money- I have found around our house that Green usually means compromising on performance or paying so much that there is no foreseeable payback in energy savings.  The SNTECH motors, and the Aqua Pro and Pentair Intelliflo Pumps we sell all offer the variable speed technology that represents true “Green” eco friendly products, but more importantly, as far as I am concerned, they save you money.  

Just to tweak my buddy I then went into a sales pitch on the cost savings associated with LED pool lights!

Please refer to our Pool Motor Cast Savings blog or Pool Motors webpage for additional information.

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